We are Specialists in lightweight constructions

Flexible light weight aluminium profiles can be manipulated by hand in all directions making it possible to manufacture exceptionally curved light weight, strong structures.
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3D printing with topology optimization

MDT are now proud to offer 3D printed elements with the help of topology optimization in both large and small sizes. With this we can minimize the materials and weight of the 3D printed models.

New climate chamber

MDT has built and new climate chamber which controls both temperature and humidity. This new climate chamber is built for rental by agreement with customers.

Acoustic Regulatory Products

At MDT, we make many different sound-absorbing products. We do this with the use of our PreBeam® and the specially adapted wishes from our customers…

Freedom & flexibility

MDT offers strong, new concepts based on creative innovation. This allows for high degrees of  freedom in designing for construction companies, designers and architects alike.  These extremely well documented products are used to solve a large number of tasks, for example with:  


Stages and set pieces for film, TV and theatre

Interior design

for shops, offices, shopping malls and display stands for exhibitions


Skylight constructions, mock-ups, models, templates


Machine covering, stiffening, fixtures, curve lines and templates

Our products and services

Raw materials

Unique products for numerous purposes. All of them are developed and manufactured at MDT. Consequently, we can always assist in giving qualified advice regarding the application of our products.

Customer Specific Areas

Within this area you’ll find products developed and delivered in close cooperation with our customers. Even vague ideas and rough sketches have been developed into convincing products – either semi-manufactured or completely finished.

In-house products

We have developed several specific MDT products of which our raw materials are an integral part.

Test and councelling

MDT carry out various councelling jobs. These projects are spread over many different areas. MDT solve design objectives, and develop measuring and production equipment. A strong network and quality equipment in our own laboratory ensure quick transitions of ideas into action.