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Get 3D-printed prototypes and designs for manufacturing industries and shopfitting.

We offer

A combination of development and production. Our preferred approach is to develop and test in close dialogue with the customer to ensure practical products for the future.

Large scale 3D-print

For large, complex geometries and streamlining multipart assemblies into a unified design.

Small scale 3D-print

Research & development, agile processes, rapid prototyping, and end-user parts.

topology optimization

A technology employed to optimize design and reduce weight and/or the quantity of materials.

3d laserscanner

There are no limits to the size of objects we can scan. Anything the size of cars and larger can be scanned.

why 3D-print?

3D printing utilizes additive manufacturing, which is a revolutionary technology that constructs three-dimensional objects layer by layer.

At MDT, we embrace additive manufacturing for its ability to create efficient and customized structures by producing only essential components, to minimizing waste.

Our enthusiasm stems from the versatility it offers in crafting complex designs, recycling materials, facilitating rapid prototyping, and allowing limitless creative possibilities.

What do we create?

Our production spans from wind energy components to artistic museum exhibits.

In the wind energy sector, we 3D print brackets and employ rapid prototyping for tool design. Additionally, we’ve printed sculptures and use 3D printing for exhibition elements, due to its suitability for complex structures and its efficiency when combined with our other products.

Explore our cases for inspiration. If you have a project in mind and are unsure about its printability or the viability of 3D printing, we offer guidance on possibilities, design, and modeling.


At MDT, we primarily utilize recyclable PLA and PBT+ for our printing.

Our facilities enable us to transform old prints into new printable material, allowing us to recycle our previous prototypes and minimize waste.


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