Topology optimization

Topology optimization at MDT

With our new program CGD (Creo Generative Design), we can now improve our 3D-printing structures with topology. This program can optimize from many different parameters, ensuring the strength and lightweight of the structure. It also makes it possible to produce with the wanted manufacturing method.

The optimal object always has a very organic shape, which makes it hard to produce with the conventional manufacturing method.

3D printing is therefore the most obvious choice as it benefits topology optimization and will be used to its fullest. With the help of our many 3D printers, we can print in large or small scales, as well as larger series.

What is topology optimization?

Topology is used all over the industry, from hearing aids to cars and planes. It is used to optimize the design to reduce the weight and/or the number of materials used, while giving the design a stronger and safer structure just by analyzing the design’s nature, fine structure and global structure.

A protoype developed by MDT with CGD (Creo Generative Design) and topology optimization
The prototype is (975x530x30 mm)