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Billund airport

In collaboration with Shopconcept and Billund Airport, a wing has been produced which covers a seating area in the departure hall

Melodi Grand Prix

7 gigantic lightweight arms embrace the scene in a magnificent light show.


Cover the stage. MDT was given this difficult task due to the ability to deliver a very rigid and lightweight and at the same time very strong construction.

Decoration for furniture shop

A very special task with organic shapes that emphasize the endless possibilities of using the PreBeam® profiles.

Show stand items 1

Entrance building structure. With PreBeam® and counter laminate, this beautiful entryway was made for a booth stand. A super lightweight construction that saved the assembly hours.

Show stand items 2

The total weight of the fair is only 630 kg. By choosing this lightweight solution from MDT, rather than a more traditional structure, it became possible to significantly reduce the number of assembly hours, which in turn has a positive impact on the overall economy of the Bestseller trade show participation.

Show stand items 3

Complete booth stand made in PreBeam® and white laminate. The stand is shipped unassembled for easy transport and detailed assembly instructions included, making it easy to set up.

Canopies for supermarket

Lightweight Canopies for decorating supermarket – here comes MDT’s experience in lightweight structures into its own!

Other examples of canopies

Inventory for department store

Mirror column made of PreBeam® profiles and laminated.

Light cones for a Mall

Innovation in materials and shape. With these asymmetrical cones, the architect has succeeded in this task of transforming an otherwise dull square hole into a beautiful and eye-catching element that draws light into the shopping streets of the center.

By using PreBeam® and laminate, the weight is reduced to approx. 1/5 of the weight of a traditional solution, which among other things has significantly shortened the installation time.

Tunnel wall for museum project

From good idea to approved concept testing in one week. An unconventional task where a lightweight solution with curved shapes was needed. The PreBeam® profiles have a fundamental advantage when such designs are to be manufactured in a short time. In this case, the finished construction had to be delivered within one week.