Interior design

For shops, offices, shopping malls and display stands for exhibitions

Shop Fitting Solution

Mirror column shaped with PreBeam® profiles and covered with laminate

Exhibition stand – ultralight construction

Another incredibly exciting task that was solved for Glahn Retail A / S. The elements for this exhibition stand weighs only 630 kg – and with a detailed assembly instructions at hand, they were very quick and easy to mount on the stand.

Baldachines for Supermarket

MDT manufactured these baldachins for a supermarket

Special Decoration in a Furniture Store

A special project which accentuates the infinite, new potentialities obtained by using PreBeam® profiles. 

Low weight, strength, stiffness and organic shapes at reasonable and competitive prices.

Super Light-Weight Elements for Exhibition Stand

Here the PreBeam® profiles are used to manufacture various light-weight elements for an exhibition stand:    Walls, depot unit, counter and a decorative fencing.