The MDT 1 Lamp

Unconventional lamp with diffuse light

The MDT 1 lamp

Unconventional lamp with diffuse light.

This lamp is the result of the need to supply a completely finished product in which the PreBeam® plays an integral role.

This large lamp shows the qualities of PreBeam® profiles to their best advantages as a low weight and a robust construction with high degrees of freedom in it’s design.  

The curved lines and high quality materials and components result in a very special, evenly spread light.  

The philosophy behind the MDT 1 lamp is what we call an “Industrial Finish” i.e. that the costs have been used for high quality components throughout rather than glossy surfaces in invisible places. The challenge is to make an attractive, high end and quality product which we feel has been achieved with this lamp.

The lamp is suitable for large rooms i.e. ceiling height over 3 metres.