3D Print

With good investment and many demands from our customers, MDT can now offer 3D printing in larger items up to 3x2x1.5 meters with our two new industrial robots. As a customer, you can come up with your own drawing for the element to be printed, but we can also develop an idea for printing ourselves.

The robots basically run with the same technology that we use in our 8 pcs. Zortrax M200 printers.

Acoustic Regulatory Products

At MDT, we make many different sound-absorbing products. We do this with the use of our PreBeam® and the specially adapted wishes from our customers. We can also now offer image printing on our sound-absorbing material, in addition to colors and other surfaces.

With these products we can make a huge difference by attenuating poor acoustics / Echo in eg classrooms, offices, halls, etc.