An extremely simple tool called FlexLoad™ gives you the opportunity to add weight where you need it in a very gentle way.
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Weight where you need it

FlexLoad™ is basically a very flexible weight which can be delivered in various length and weights. With a non-skid surface the use of these flexible weights are not limited to the horizontal plane, but can be placed on angled, non-planar surfaces as well.

A very high density of the weights (compared to outer dimensions) and the high degree of flexibility makes the use almost unlimited in various cases. Due to the very resistant material the weight can be used again and again …. also at high temperatures.

Depending on the need for weight, the FlexLoad™ can be placed like a heap or any other shape.


Almost anywhere the FlexLoad™ weight could become useful:

  • Craft and industry (fixing of parts during assembly)
  • Sports (training and retrain, ballast)
  • Technical development (balance, testing)
  • Building industry and transportation (handling of coverings)
  • Fishing industry (handling of fishing net)
  • Composite industry (fixture during cure)
  • your needs?