Tool for consolidating laminates on BeamLineTM
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Composites and sharp corners are normally no preferable combination. An accurate selection of resin-system and viscosity will help, but it still takes a lot of care and patience. On BeamLine™ profiles sharp corners need to be handled all the time.

With the use of the silicone-profile FlexTool™ those sharp corners can be shaped and consolidated very easily. The profile is very resistant towards resins and can be used several times …. also at high temperatures during curing cycles.

The dimensions and material properties are tailored specificly to match the BeamLine™-profiles.

The unique shape of the profile enables concave as well as convex curvatures. Twisting of the profile is also possible. The pretensioned shape of the profile makes the profile keep its properties. The laminate is consolidated towards the BeamLine™ without wrinkles. On top the profile is equipped with “ears” which ensure that weights or straps are easily placed.