sound dampening wall

Integrated solutions with a personal expression

sound dampening to walls

In noisy environments such as offices, institutions, or restaurants, sound-absorbing panels or artwork can create distinctive spaces with good acoustic conditions.

With our sound-absorbing material, we can customize acoustic solutions for businesses. We offer integrated solutions that either blend seamlessly with the interior or stand out as artworks or branding elements for the company.

Our soundproofing options for walls include, among other things:

  • Pictures with print
  • Single-coloured plates
  • Room dividers
  • Natural peat (read more about peat here)


printable and customized solutions

Class A sounds absorption

Light weight material

moisture resistent


  • The absorbing material is PET, of which a significant portion is recycled.
  • Resistant to aging and various environmental influences.
  • Fire-resistant according to DIN 4102 (B1).
  • Free from harmful substances and completely devoid of chemical additives.
  • Our sound-absorbing panels are stocked in the size of 2000×3000 mm. The large format allows for the creation of impressive wall-covering designs or the material can be cut into specific shapes as desired.
  • White, black, light gray, and dark gray panels are stocked in thicknesses of 9, 25, and 40 mm.

    Bespoke design

    Our sound-absorbing material is particularly well-suited for printing if you desire a unique image, logo, or slogan that reflects your company or department.

    The possibilities with our sound-absorbing panels are endless, and together, we can easily create a visually impressive space that also provides a pleasant acoustic environment, enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality in everything from offices to restaurants.


    Two large sound-absorbing images for Restaurant Admiralen in Kolding. The images display a historical photo of Kolding Harbor and the location of the restaurant.

      Thoughtful Installation

      Our sound-absorbing panels can be mounted on walls or suspended from the ceiling as room dividers, with the latter being particularly suitable for larger spaces experiencing noise issues.

      We have the option to mount the sound-absorbing panels directly on the wall or using a mounting system behind the panel. The design of the mounting system ensures easy and quick installation, providing a 15mm gap between the panel and the wall, which enhances sound absorption. The gap creates a shadow on the wall, naturally framing the panel.

      In collaboration with our installation specialists, we can quickly mount the large wall images.

        Do you want to improve the acoustics in your workplace?

        You are welcome to contact us via email or phone and book a meeting to hear more about how we can tailor an integrated sound dampening solution for your company or institution.

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