Low weight construction material for support of thin plates. Suitable for simple manufacturing of curved surfaces.

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Inspiring and unconventional shapes can be created by means of PreBeam®.

The method is quite simple:

  • A piece of PreBeam® -profile is cut to appropriate length
  • The profile is shaped by hand into the wanted geometry
  • 2 thin stripes of glue are applied on a piece of laminate
  • The profile and the laminate are put together and are fixed to their final shape by means of simple clamps until the glue has dried
  • The element is finished or ready for further processing


Advantages of PreBeam®

  • Easy and fast process

  • Hollow cross section

  • No expensive tools needed
  • Very low weight compared to stiffness
  • Easy to paint
  • Easy to clamp on cardboard

  • Internal flow possible
  • Easy to copy shapes

Applications for PreBeam®

  • Scener og kulisser (film, TV, teatre)
  • Dekoration (detailhandel, messestande)
  • Fremstilling af skabeloner og kurvelinealer
  • Industri (afstivning, fiksturer)
  • Machine shielding
  • Design and architecture (mock-ups and development)

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